Kathy Hart (Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra Association Conductor, UT String Methods Lecturer)

“I love every experience I have at the Baroque Violin Shop! My violin studio in Knoxville, TN rents their instruments from BVS and 95% purchase their violin there. Each employee demonstrates a strong dedication to client happiness and so many are passionate about music and keeping youth excited about learning and growing. Bravo Baroque Violin Shop! Thanks for being so awesome!!”

Gray (Customer)

“I've rented violas for my daughter for the past two years. Baroque Violin Shop has been wonderful. All my questions have been answered competently and consistently by whoever answered the phone each time I called. We're out of state, and the shipping/returning process has been easy each year as we upgraded to a bigger instrument. I highly recommend using Baroque Violin Shop's rental program.”

Lauren Gruber (Director of Orchestras, Richmond Community Schools)

“I really want to thank you all for the amazing repair you did on my Yamaha cello. I actually cried when I opened it up this week. Thank you so, so much. I was very upset because it was a brand new cello and the repair work is so good that you can’t even tell it used to have a 6 inch hole in the front. You guys are awesome.”

James (Customer)

"We purchased my daughter a Tanglewood Violin and she loves it! Thank you Mr. Bartel for taking so much time with her. Her orchestra teacher said all she hears is her violin, she said, "Miss. Gracie you are the entire orchestra!" She is also taking private lessons with the Northern Kentucky School of Music, her teacher there said she has a beautiful sounding instrument. Thank you for making a 12 year old much more excited to be playing music."

Bob Gillespie (OSU Professor of String Education & String Pedagogy)

“All of my personal experiences and those of my private and university students, and my colleagues have been positive for more than 25 years with Paul Bartel and his great Baroque Violin Shop. Time and time again, I have seen and experienced the outstanding service, care, attention to detail, honesty, integrity, and generosity of Paul, his sons, and his staff. I have been satisfied with the purchases and courtesy shown to me, my private students, and my youth orchestra members. In addition, Paul and his sons have been clinicians and teachers at the annual Ohio State University String Teacher Workshop each summer for over 20 years. They are one of the pillars of the workshop. Congratulations to Paul and his wonderful shop. The Baroque Violin Shop is not just a business, the values of all things strings are in their hearts as well. We are all blessed personally and professionally by the Baroque Violin Shop."

Ted (Customer)

“They did an excellent job restoring my great grandfather's violin that's been in our family for more than a century. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly no matter your skill level (I'm a novice). I love the historic house that they operate from.”

Carol (Customer)

“I love this shop! We've been renting from them for 6 years now and I couldn't ask for better customer service. They're helpful no matter what we stop in for, a new string, a bigger viola, or just a tuning. I would recommend this shop to any parent with an aspiring orchestra student!”

Jason Powell (PSHS Director of Strings)

“I cannot boast, praise, rant, or rave enough about my experiences at the Baroque Violin Shop. In the same way, I cannot thank the BVS team enough for their kindness and ability to teach me so many valuable skills. This team spoke about every instrument as if it were going into the hands of Joshua Bell. My favorite quote was “Every instrument needs to be absolutely perfect. I want the student who picks this up to instantly fall in love. They need to be able to excel beyond their wildest dreams because you never know, it could be the next Jascha Heifetz”.”

Kathy (Customer)

“Quality service and professional luthiers who know violins inside and out. A great resource!”

Milan Dukic (Wyoming Fine Arts Center Executive Director)

"Paul Bartel founded the Wyoming Fine Arts Center in 1993, then as Cincinnati String Academy. When it became obvious the scope was to grow beyond just strings, the name was changed to Wyoming Fine Arts Center and the Center was incorporated as a non-profit community arts organization. Over the following decade, Paul used much of his personal resources to get the Center to stand on its own 2 feet, selflessly and generously always being there for the Center – financially and in every other way.

This kind of generosity and passion for music and for providing the best to the string music business is reflected in the instruments. First of all, I have 2 children with violins from Baroque Violin Shop, and as a violinist myself, I can say that the quality of the rental instruments is outstanding. Moreover, at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center we have many students with instruments from the BVS, and teachers are also quite happy with their quality. Also, many students have purchased instruments from BVS and are quite happy with the quality and value of them. Lastly, the personal touch and care for each and every customer is a highlight of each visit to the BVS – with knowledgeable and friendly staff! Thus, on all fronts I cannot but have the highest regard for Paul and the BVS!"

Amanda (Customer)

"A year ago, my Aunt who teaches violin took me to get my first brand new violin. As an older student, I wanted something I could grow with more than the student hand me down instrument I had. I went there and Paul had a few violins for me to try. He also showed my Aunt and I his Stradivarius and I was so amazed! He is so down to earth. Today I went in for a quick repair and again received perfect customer service. They have such a passion for music and craftsmanship. Also, price is fair and the quality of product top notch. I recommend this shop above all others!"

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